A 100% Family Owned & Run Business

We are a tightly-knit group of high-level eCommerce professionals that make it possible for regular people like you to run a lucrative e-commerce business. Our years of e-commerce experience and combined seven-figure revenues set us apart from other providers. Professionalism is our guiding principle. We leave no stone unturned to get the most out of your investment.

Andres Ortegano

Andres Ortegano is a successful Serial Entrepreneur with over 5 years of business expertise. Swiftly growing and learning how to advise others in making the finest financial investing selections, Andres has helped hundreds of people generate passive income. That translates into millions of dollars in revenue for his clients. Rapidly transitioning from just being a Mortgage Loan Officer to a Serial Entrepreneur with proven success, he has earned himself a name in the eCommerce world at such an early age.

Oscar Ortegano

The father of our CEO, Oscar Ortegano is in charge of analyzing all the sales spreadsheets for each of our clients every month. He crunches the numbers, making sure that they are accurate before invoicing them to our clients. Using data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements and deliver data-driven recommendations, he creates a detailed business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities, and solutions for your business.

Inova Diaz

A true team player and aunt of our CEO, she assists everyone in the company and makes sure that everything is running smoothly. Whether it’s checking in on the marketing team, making sure agreements are being sent out, ensuring customers are progressing at a decent speed during the onboarding process, or a variety of other behind-the-scenes tasks, she’s there every step of the way.

Leticia Diaz

Apart from managing the everyday admin work of the company, Leticia is the brains behind your appeals! She is the driving force behind our Suspension and Appeal service, ensuring that our customers are released from Suspension as soon as possible. Her mom persona is on full show (she is our CEO’s mother), and she genuinely cares about every customer and ensures that we put our best foot forward in everything we do.

Valerie Ortegano

Sister to our CEO, Valerie is in charge of everyday communication with all of our clients. As a company, we do believe we have one of the fastest and most organized onboarding processes, and that is all thanks to Valerie! Specializing in Social Work has given her the exposure to human psychology and communication, which she uses to make sure that our clients understand every step in the onboarding process to make them feel at ease!

They Believe in Us Will You?

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